Statement of Ethics




Publishing Decisions

The General Editors and Assistant Editors of «Athenaeum» are responsible for the process of approval of submissions suitable for publication. Approval involves the consultation of reviewers (through the double blind peer review process).
The General Editors are responsible for publication decisions. Reviewers are not consulted in relation to reviews, commemorations, autobiographical texts or other similar submissions (in such cases, the absence of refereeing is expressly indicated).



The General Editors and Assistant Editors evaluate manuscripts submitted on the basis of their merit, without regard to the author’s gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, citizenship, or political orientation.



General Editors, Assistant Editors, and other staff members undertake not to disclose information concerning manuscripts submitted for publication to anyone but the author, reviewers, and publisher.


Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure

General editors, Assistant Editors, and others who for various reasons have knowledge of the content of the submitted manuscripts, undertake not to use unpublished information for their own research purposes without the authors’ explicit written consent.


«Athenaeum» is owned by the cultural association «Mos Maiorum», Via Abbiategrasso 404, Pavia, Italy.



Help to Publishing Decisions

The double blind peer review is a process that helps the General Editors to reach publishing decisions on the submitted manuscripts. Furthermore, it offers the author the best conditions to improve the quality of his/her work.


Respect for Deadlines

A reviewer who considers that he/she is not qualified to assess a manuscript or who cannot complete his/her review in the applicable time should promptly notify the journal.



Manuscripts for review are confidential documents and should not be discussed with anyone other than the editorial staff.



The peer review process should be undertaken objectively. Personal criticism of authors is not appropriate. Reviewers are required adequately to explain their own judgments.


Information on Sources

Reviewers undertake to identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors. Reviewers should also call to the General Editors’ attention any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published paper of which they are aware.


Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure

Confidential information obtained during the peer review process should be considered confidential and may not be used for the reviewer's own purposes. Reviewers should not accept for evaluation manuscripts in relation to which there is a conflict of interest or whose authorship they have identified.




Originality and Plagiarism

Authors must ensure that their works are entirely original and, where the work and/or words of other authors are used, that these are appropriately paraphrased or quoted verbatim. In any case, any reference to the work of other authors must always be stated.


Peer Review Process

By submitting a manuscript for publication by the journal, authors agree to submit it to evaluation through the peer review process by reviewers whose anonymity will be guaranteed, and to accept the decision of the General Editors, which will be definitive. An author may, if he/she judges it appropriate, send a report in which – without any personal reference or criticism – he/she may address the points of dissent with respect to the reviewers' evaluation. The General Editors reserve the right to forward this report to the reviewers and undertake to give consideration to it in the approval process.


Multiple, Redundant, or Concurrent Publication

Papers describing essentially the same research should not be published in more than one journal. Submitting the same paper to more than one journal constitutes improper and unacceptable conduct. The author should indicate whether his/her essay is a reprint (with the same title) or a translation of an already published text or if it anticipates the contents of a more extensive work, and the author must guarantee that he is the owner of the copyright. The editors will evaluate whether the publication may be of interest to «Athenaeum». In any case, the essay will be subjected to a double-blind peer review process and the original place of publication will be explicitly stated.


Acknowledgment of Sources

The author should provide proper acknowledgment of sources and contributions mentioned in his/her work.


Authorship of the Work

Authorship of any work should be correctly attributed, and those who have made a significant contribution to the conception, arrangement, execution, or advancement of the research which provides the basis for the work should be named as co-authors. Where there are others who have participated in any stage of the research, their contribution should be expressly acknowledged. Where several authors have contributed to a submission, the author who submits the text to the journal is required to declare that he/she has correctly provided the names of all co-authors, and that he/she has obtained their approval of the final version of the paper and their consent to its publication.


Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

All authors should explicitly declare that there are no conflicts of interest that may have influenced the results or interpretation contained in their manuscript. The authors should disclose any bodies that have provided financial support for the research and/or the project underlying the article should be disclosed.


Errors in Published Works

When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author's obligation promptly to notify the editors of the journal and to provide them with all the information necessary to report the necessary corrections at the end of the article.



All rights are reserved to the owners of «Athenaeum». Authors are required to request authorization from the journal for the dissemination of material published or awaiting publication and, if authorised, they must explicitly declare the source.



No payment is required from the authors for the submission of manuscripts to the journal or for the peer review process.